This is a quick course derived from the famous Quenya material stie Ardalambion adapted and translated by me.

本教程來源於 Quenya 知名站點 Ardalambion 的教程。

There are two usages of an adjective in most languages: attributive and predicative. An adjective can be used attributively by directly combining the adjective with a noun, while predicative adjective generally requires a copular verb to lead the predicative expression. In Quenya it is also important to keep the agreement between adjectives and the nouns they modify.

在絕大多數語言中,形容詞的用法有兩種:作爲定語或者作爲表語。定語可直接用於修飾名詞而表語需要系動詞來引導系表結構。Quenya 中,形容詞與它修飾的名詞的單複數一致性也非常重要。

In this lesson we will explore the general use of the adjectives in Quenya.

本課的內容爲 Quenya 形容詞的一般用法。